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Inter Kingdom Equestrian Competition (IKEqC) consists of Saracen heads, reed chop, and Ring Tilting as described below..

Saracen Course - also known as Behead the Infidel, Behead the Enemy, or just "heads". This course when set up to IKEqC standards consists of a straight line course of two markers (start and turn) and four heads separated by 30 feet Riders weave in and out of while knocking the heads off the posts. It is timed for IKEqC with penalties for missing weaves or knocking over posts. This course layout is also used (un-timed) for authorizations. Saracen heads can also be set up as a gauntlet course by grouping the heads in an undefined pattern or surrounding a fair maiden to rescue.

Reed Chop - Sticks of varying heights are placed in a row or a double row to be knocked off by riders as they pass. This game does not include weaving by the horse.

Ring Tilting - For the IKEqC the rings are set up on three posts with rings ranging in size from 1 inch to 6 inches. Ring layout for each pass is defined in the competition rules. Two passes are allowed and scores are based on number and size of rings caught on the end of a spear.

Quintain - Most commonly a pivoting target with a counter weight on its opposite arm. The rider should avoid being hit by the counter weight after striking the target with a blunt spear. Scores are based on the number of rotations of the target. A similar exercise with a Mock Knight consists of a target that pivots on the horizontal rather than vertical axis.

Pig sticking (Tent Pegging) - Simulates hunting boar or spearing objects from the ground such as tent pegs to confuse an enemy camp in the night. The rider moves in a straight line past the target attempting to catch the target (paper plate or foam "pig") on the end of the spear and raise it in the air.

Javelin toss - small spears or javelins are thrown at a target while riding past in a straight line.

Mounted Archery - Combat arrows only are used to shoot at targets from horseback. The horse must be controlled from the ground (lead or longed).

Quests and Challenge Courses - consist of a variety of games including rescue the maiden, javelin toss, flag races, trivia, and tavern crawl (don't spill the water!). They can be in an arena or through the woods.

Mounted Combat - Requires special authorization. Riders must wear approved head and face protection. A removable crest is mounted on top of the hear gear as a target. Opponents attempt to knock off each others crests.

Trail Rides, Pilgrimages, and Mock Hunts - hunts with live animal bait are NOT allowed, however, mock hunts can be set by having one rider familiar with the location be the prey and the other riders follow in chase. Always ensure that an alternative to jumping is available for all obstacles (and hard hats are required for any jumping activities). Simple trail rides are also a great way to include all level riders and can be combined with quest like activities to become a pilgrimage.

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