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Atlantian Cavalry Marshal Policy and Contacts

Mounted Equestrian activities are a Marshal discipline in the SCA. Atlantia uses the Society minimum standards with only a few exceptions. These exceptions are integrated into the Atlantian Earl Marshal Policy.

The Society Policy can be found in pdf format as the SCA Equestrian Marshal’s Handbook
This handbook also contains other articles about building equipment and hosting events.

A copy of the Atlantian Book of the Horse dated December 2012, is available as a pdf file. This document contains copies of the rules and instructions and tips for constructing equipment. As noted in the document, it may be used as a guideline, but always check the official (current) policy for any changes before investing large amounts of time and money into your projects.

Any questions about policy should be directed to the Deputy Earl Marshal of the Horse. Other questions including where and when to ride, can be directed to the same location or to one of the regional equestrian deputies.

Cavalry Marshals

EQ Marshal gif

A complete and official list of marshals is available from the Atlantia Earl Marshal's office and web site

Deputy Earl Marshal of the Horse (Atlantia)
Alienor de Bathe
(Laura Daly-Barrett)
Barony of Stierbach
171 Rolling Valley Lane
Front Royal, VA 22630
email: alienorb48912_AT_yahoo_DOT_com
Lady Nem Inghean Dochartaigh
(Nancy Feltman)

Email: nrf642002_AT_yahoo_DOT_com

Alain de la Rochelle
(Allen G. Blanchette)
Canton of Attillium
179 Oakwater Drive
Cameron, NC 28326
Phone: 910-584-1039
Email: alain_de_la_AT_yahoo_DOT_com

Regional Marshals

Zarra de la Vega
(Liz Beazley)
Barony of Black Diamond
101 Shepherd Farm Lane
Monroe, VA 24574
Phone: 434-444-3560
Email: churchill05_AT_sbc_DOT_edu

August Von Fluegel
(Jason Fluegel)
Barony of Hawkwood

Phone: 828-779-0206
Email: vonslance.jf_AT_gmail_DOT_com


Beatrice von Staufen
(Jessica Rose)
Barony of Sacred Stone
550 Timberlane Trail
Salisbury, NC 28147
Phone: 803-646-6441
Email: baronessbeatrice_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
THL Gwenhwyfar de Hwytinton
(Carol Carson)
Canton of Falcon Cree
112 Lakeshore Drive
Easley, SC 29642
Phone: 864-859-3072
Email: carol_carson_AT_bellsouth_DOT_net

A note to and about Minors: The SCA does not permit anyone under 5 on a horse for any reason (including pictures and pony rides). A legal parent must be present and watching any minor at all times that they are riding a horse. Additionally, the Atlantian marshals request that any child under the age of 12 be accompanied by a responsible person over the age of 16 whenever they are near the horse - even viewing the tournament. Minors who wish to authorize need to ensure that they have all the additional notarized paperwork in order BEFORE the event and the Deputy Earl Marshal of the Horse must be present for the authorization. The policy includes additional regulations for minor riders which must be followed - this includes the use of approved head protection and suitable equipment for the size of the rider. Please review ALL policy and ask the marshals for assistance BEFORE attending any events.

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